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                Sustainability report

                Built on traditional industry and prepared for future's growth, Longfor Group has been working towards a future-oriented enterprise.

                Longfor Group always fulfills its responsibility as a corporate citizen as it clings to firm strategy and steady development.

                Thanks to its prominent performance in environmental protection, social responsibility, and corporate governance, Longfor Group was selected as a constituent of the HSCEI ESG Index and its ESG rating was upgraded to BB by MSCI, the world's largest index provider.

                • Board
                • ESG Committee
                • ESG Working Group

                In August 2020, Longfor Group officially launched the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Committee at board level to oversee sustainability at the Group's decision-making body.

                Furthermore, it set up a group-wide ESG Working Group to systematically manage the work and ensure the execution of policies and measures.

                Development Policy

                To more effectively facilitate all departments to perform the sustainability strategy of Longfor Group, the Group has developed sustainability policies including Environmental Management Policy of Longfor, Human Rights Policy of Longfor, and Supplier Code of Conduct of Longfor.

                The ESG committee supervises the sustainability policies of Longfor Group, and the ESG Working Group is responsible for further implementation of policies as all business lines carry out the policies.

                Green Finance

                In December 2020, Longfor Group established a green finance framework and received Second-Party Opinion from Sustainalytics, an independent third-party rating agency.

                Based on this framework, Longfor Group will continue to practice the green concept and invest in qualified green projects in the future.

                longfor in action